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CMX is a world class brass & bronze ingot manufacturer, smelter and recycler with over 30 years of proven quality experience in the foundry industry. We are the West coast’s largest manufacturer of foundry ingot, mechanical ingot, lead free alloys and prepared scrap packages for foundry and mill use.


brass and bronze products CMX manufactures brass, bronze, engineered alloys and C87850 ingot under the most stringent conditions. It is tested, analyzed and certified by individual heat. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and our staff of management has a combined 200 years of foundry, casting and metallurgical experience. We provide our customers with the highest quality ingot, metal and foundry products, delivered on time and at a competitive price.


foundry services CMX has an experienced professional staff that can assist you in providing technical help with alloys and foundry troubleshooting. We have a full laboratory for metals testing. We also provide chip and turning puck/briquetting services, and brokerage/export services of prepared scrap packages. CMX can also manufacture for your proprietary alloy requirements to exact specifications.

Price Quote

price quote CMX purchases, sells and brokers copper-based, nonferrous metals of all varieties. Our vast yard and equipment selection allows us to sort, process and package most forms of non-ferrous metals. Whether you are interested in purchasing or selling please fill out our quick quote form and one of our associates will gladly respond to your request in a prompt manner.