foundry services

California Metal-X is a world class manufacturer of brass & bronze foundry ingot and provides many important services for our customers.  CMX has two expert foundry consultants available, and a staff with more than 200 years of total foundry experience. We are ready to share our expertise and knowledge in technical, metallurgical, environmental, and general foundry practice issues.  Contact our QA staff or management today if you require assistance.

CMX has an experienced professional staff that can assist you in providing technical help with alloys and metallurgical trouble shooting. Our complete lab facilities are available to identify samples, metal defects, or special chemistries.  We are able to use both spectrograph and ICP methods.

Our experienced foundry staff can also manufacture your proprietary alloy requirements.  Contact our management or QA staff, and we will work with your engineers to deliver your special alloy specifications.  Special packaging, identification, and handling is not a problem.

Our MBC division provides a pucking / briquetting service which can help you solve you chip return problem.  Many foundries experience high loss, difficulty in melting, or are unwilling to take back their customers’ machining chips.  We are able to process most chips into an efficient, easy-to-handle feed stock ready for re-melt. Or, we can simply purchase them.

CMX is a well established recycler of copper based scrap and certain types of ferrous scrap. Because we are a consumer we pay top prices to those selling scrap metal.

Need reliable brokerage/export service?  Our experienced personnel can work with you to deliver metals on time, easily, and to your destination.  We can package and prepare in our facility, or broker only.  We have over 30 years of experience, quality, and success in moving metal all over the globe.

  • Services Pages

    » Scrap Metal Recycling
    Turn your scrap metal into revenue while doing your part to help the environment

    » Metallurgical Testing & Foundry Assistance
    Need assistance in foundry, environmental or metals identification problems? We are available to share technical assistance

    » Pucking & Briquetting
    Let CMX process your chips or turnings into a clean, efficient, re-melt charge stock

    » Brokerage & Packaging
    On time metal processing, packaging and delivery by experienced personnel

    » Proprietary Alloys
    Our experienced and qualified personnel are ready to meet your manufacturing requirements for your proprietary alloys