Scrap Metal Recycling

scrap copperCalifornia Metal-X is a committed eco friendly business and a well recognized recycler of non-ferrous and ferrous metals.  We are a consumer, a recycler, and a shipper.  Because we are a consumer we pay top prices for scrap metal materials.

We purchase and recycle most varieties of coppers including B&S, #1, #2, Insulated wire, Copper Nickels, and auto radiators.  Red-brasses, yellow-brasses, aluminum bronzes, tin bronzes, aluminum, and cast iron are just a few of the many scrap metal items we purchase. Contact our purchasing department or fill out our quick online quote form for current pricing and terms today.scrap metal

CMX is also a local collection center under the California Beverage Container Recycling Program for all types of California redemption containers or CRV.

Recycling…It’s not just our business, it’s everyone’s business.

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    » Scrap Metal Recycling
    Turn your scrap metal into revenue while doing your part to help the environment

    » Metallurgical Testing & Foundry Assistance
    Need assistance in foundry, environmental or metals identification problems? We are available to share technical assistance

    » Pucking & Briquetting
    Let CMX process your chips or turnings into a clean, efficient, re-melt charge stock

    » Brokerage & Packaging
    On time metal processing, packaging and delivery by experienced personnel

    » Proprietary Alloys
    Our experienced and qualified personnel are ready to meet your manufacturing requirements for your proprietary alloys