Pucking/Briquetting your Machined Chips

Let CMX turn your machine chips into oil free, clean melting pucks. CMX has over 30 years of experience and reliability in processing chips into highly usable foundry feed stock.  Our Pucking/Briquetting process simplifies the job of charging your furnace, no oils or moisture, metal recoveries are superior and yields excellent.

Many production foundries are currently using our pucking/briquetting products in their foundry operations. Our process will return great savings and efficiencies in your foundry melt process.   These saving will fall right to your foundries bottom profit line.

Quality and controlled processes are paramount when CMX converts your chips and turnings into dependable efficient feedstock for re-melt.

The foundry industry is extremely competitive and today every foundry can use an edge.  Get the edge and take advantage of the savings that CMX can offer with their pucking/briquetting service. Call us today so we can solve your chip handling and melting problems.

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