brass and bronze products

California Metal-X (CMX) manufactures and distributes a wide variety of foundry and mill products.  We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and stand firmly on our 30-year reputation of quality and excellence.   You will find CMX products used in sand-cast, investment, die-cast, permanent mold, and fine art foundries.  We are the largest producer of Mechanical Ingot in the United States and our mill and foundry packages are of the highest quality.  We consistently ship our products on time and at competitive prices throughout the North Americas and overseas.

CMX manufactures the highest quality Brass Ingots & Bronze ingots, engineered alloys, de-gassers, and no-lead bronzes.  We offer several no-lead ingot choices for your customers’ requirements, and we are leading the way with our new “environmentally friendly” no-lead C87850 ingot.  It is the perfect solution for your no-lead requirements.

CMX Alpha Art Grade Silicon Bronze Ingots are found in the finest art foundries.  When quality is critical, Alpha Art Grade is the professional’s choice.  All of our manufactured products are produced under 9001:2015 compliance, and our ingot meets CDA, ASTM, MIL and SAE specifications.

Since the introduction of Mechanical Ingot CMX has produced and shipped millions of pounds throughout North America and overseas. We are the largest producer of Mechanical Ingot in the United States.  Mechanical Ingot is produced under strict and rigorous manufacturing procedures to insure a consistent alloy mix and meet our specification guidelines.

CMX takes great pride in our people, our products, and our process.  We insure quality, and we stand behind our products and our reputation.

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