Mill & Foundry Packages

cobbled yellow brassCalifornia Metal-X is a major provider and processor of select copper-based, copper-nickel alloys for the foundry and mill industry. We also ship a variety of non-ferrous and ferrous metals upon request.

CMX prepares, processes, and packages specific to guidelines and standards set forth by ISRI and BIR.  We are AQSIQ licensed for China export. Our staff is well versed in details of export marketing.  CMX loading docks are within 60 minutes of major shipping ports and RR loading spurs. We have the capacity to ship via container for international or “piggy-back” and “over the road” for all of North American accounts.

Our industrial processing yard has specialized equipment and resources to accomplish sorting, sizing, chopping, briquetting, shredding, loose baling, inspection, analysis, and repackaging. CMX has an experienced team of dedicated employees that will give your order their full attention throughout preparation. All items are prepared, processed and packaged per your specifications.   We will thoroughly inspect, carefully load and ship to your destination on time.cut copper nickel

You will find working with CMX to be easy and reliable knowing that we will stand behind our reputation and guarantee your order. You are assured of confidence and quality with CMX. Contact us today for your metal requirements.