Mechanical Ingot

Mechanical IngotOver 25 years ago the management at California Metal-X recognized the necessity to introduce and market an innovative, specialized, competitive ingot for foundry use.  We called this copper-based product “Mechanical Ingot.”  Mechanical Ingots contain precise amounts of copper and additives that are compressed to form a dense concise ingot. Based on this method of manufacturing there are no associated melt production costs.  This process yields great savings, in efficiencies of manufacture and sales price of the product.

Many production foundries are currently utilizing Mechanical Ingot in their foundry operations. It is engineered to be blended with or to replace the more expensive cast ingot.  Mechanical Ingots melt easily, charge easily and yield excellent recoveries.   The saving they generate fall right to your foundries bottom profit line.  Since the introduction of Mechanical Ingot CMX has produced and shipped millions of pounds throughout North America and overseas. Mechanical Ingot

CMX manufactures Mechanical Ingots to the guidelines of C84400, C83600 and Alloy 130. These products are produced under strict and rigorous manufacturing procedures to insure a consistent alloy mix and meet our specification guidelines. Quality and controlled processes are paramount when CMX manufactures Mechanical Ingot.

Today’s foundry industry is extremely competitive and every business needs an edge.  Take advantage of the savings that Mechanical Ingot can offer. Contact us today. We can give you the edge against your competition by using Mechanical Ingot in your operation.

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Mechanical Ingot is packaged in a standard pallet weight of approximately 4000 lbs. They are shrink- wrapped and steel or plastic banding to a pallet. The standard pallet is 36” x 36”.  Upon request they are available in a heat treated style for export use.