Eco Friendly Business

green industryToday’s recycling insures tomorrow’s resources.

California Metal-X and recycling are synonymous.  CMX utilizes 98.8% recycled raw materials for our product lines.  We recycle all of our in-house metals, foundry bi-products, plastics, paper, aluminum and glass containers, oils, cardboard, E-wastes and wooden pallets.  CMX is committed to the goal of “Zero Waste” – a “Green” policy leading towards an ISO14001:2004 environmental compliance.

CMX is a steward of the environment.  Without our responsible recycling, hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste and metals would pollute our precious ecosystem.  We are proud of our record in working to keep our environment clean for today, for tomorrow and for future generations.  Our duty and commitment as a responsible industry leader is to adhere to all environmental rules and regulations.  CMX is active and involved in the regulatory environmental processes. By participating and shaping ecological legislation and improvements we will insure a clean environment for all generations.

go greenWe are leading the way with our new lead-free alloy ECO BRASS. The move to “get the lead out” from potable water systems begins in 2010. We know ECO BRASS in an important part of our future.  It also insures everyone’s future for a cleaner healthier environment.   Removing the lead is extremely important to the health of our children, the public, and our ecosystem.  We must keep our drinking waters pure and healthy for all.

Recycling…it is everyone’s business.  It is the simplest and smartest thing you can do to keep our environment clean.   Recycle today for a better tomorrow.