California Metal-X is an authorized licensed manufacturer of C87850.  This new lead-free brass alloy developed by Sambo Copper Alloy Co. Ltd.  has excellent machine-ability, forge-ability and high strength, equal to that of stainless steel.  C87850 ingot is made to a manufacturing specification of a maximum of 0.09% lead.   This alloy is compliant in meeting the standards set forth in California’s AB 1953 and with the Federal EPA definition of a lead free alloy.  Furthermore, C87850 is designated and registered by the Federal EPA to be antimicrobial.  This alloy has NSF approval for plumbing and potable water applications.  “No-Lead” and environmentally friendly, this is truly the responsible choice for foundries in the new millennium.EcoBrass

C87850 is also produced as a wrought mill product and in continuous cast bar.  For wrought mill products, please contact Chase Brass & Copper Co., Inc. and for continuous cast bar, please contact Concast Metal Products Co.

C87850 eliminates the problems of stress cracking, corrosion and dezincification, which are typical disadvantages of traditional brass materials.  A low melting temperature range allows for fundamental power savings when melting C87850. The alloy is backed by 12 years of stringent field testing.  As a licensed producer of C87850 we have the personnel and technical background to work closely with your facility to test and integrate this alloy into your foundry production.

IngotsC87850 is your best solution for changing over to “No-Lead”.  Avoid OSHA, environmental, and legal lead issues for your foundry, your employees, and your customers.  It’s the smart thing to do and it’s the right thing to do.  Contact us today for more information or request an ingot quote.

PDFC87850 General Properties

PDFC87850 Casting Properties