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Quality and Excellence in People, Products, and Process

California Metal-X (CMX) is a privately owned corporation; originally known as Metal Briquetting Company (MBC) in 1979.   The founders still share in the day to day business activity and growth of CMX.  We value and take pride in our personnel, the greatest asset we have.   CMX management has always recognized “Quality and Excellence” go hand in hand with its “People, Products, and Process.”   CMX has a robust dedication to excellence which can be measured by its attitude, service and quality.

MBC initially processed and compressed brass chips/turnings into briquettes, promoting a product that yields greater efficiency and recoveries for brass foundries.   With additional research MBC and CMX developed and manufactured “Mechanical Ingot,” an innovative product that offers cost savings over cast ingot.  CMX produces and ships millions of pounds of Mechanical Ingot.

In the 1980s CMX began as a warehouse distributor of brass & bronze ingot on the West Coast.  Major capital investments were made in the late 80s adding electric furnaces for manufacturing the CMX brand of brass & bronze ingot and engineered alloys.   By the 90s our well established business added a rotary smelting furnace, giving us greater capacity in the production of red metals, brasses, and other bronzes.  CMX currently has production capacity of more than 36,000,000 pounds annually.

CMX is a world class, lean manufacturer of brass & bronze ingot, engineered alloys, C87850 ingot and Mechanical Ingot.  We provide processed and packaged foundry/mill grade items and trade metal worldwide.  CMX will be leading the way in the production and distribution of C87850 ingot and low-lead brasses to meet the challenges of today’s strict environmental regulation.

We are the West Coast’s largest most successful ingot manufacturer. Our close knit family of employees share in the same goals: hard work, providing outstanding customer service, and delivering excellence in the quality of our products.

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