Brass & Bronze Ingots

Brass and Bronze Ingot

Brass Ingots, Bronze Ingots, Red Metals & Engineered Alloys

CMX ingot is widely used in industrial and high production foundries throughout the North Americas and overseas. The majority of our brass and bronze tonnage is sold to large and medium sized commercial, high production foundries. Small independent foundries also make up a good portion of our customer base. CMX is ISO 9001:2008 certified and maintains the highest quality standards in the production of our brass and bronze ingots. We manufacture to CDA, ASTM, MIL and SAE specifications.

All CMX brass ingots and bronze ingots are tested, analyzed and certified by individual heat. We guarantee our quality with full traceability from the beginning of the process to shipment to your foundry. We offer a large stock of standard alloys and have a quick turnaround for special orders and truckload quantities. Also, we offer turnkey service such as: conversion of foundry byproducts into cash, credit or ingot.

At CMX, we insure quality and stand behind our products and our reputation. We pride ourselves in supplying premier quality ingot, at competitive prices with on time delivery. Whether it is brass, bronze or engineered alloys, let CMX be your choice when quality counts. See our CMX ingot alloy chart or contact us for an ingot quote.

Experience the Quality, Know the Excellence

Commercial ingots are packaged in a standard pallet weight of approximately 2000 lbs. Full, half and quarter pallets weights are boxed and steel banded to a pallet. The standard pallet is 28” x 30”, upon request they are available in a heat treated style for export use. No order is too small. All orders are important.