Art Bronzes

bronze-scultpureArt Grade Silicon Bronze Ingots

With over 30 years of quality, experience, and lean manufacturing, California Metal-X is the largest manufacturer of Art Bronze alloys west of the Mississippi.  CMX Alpha Art Grade silicon bronze ingots are found in the finest art and investment foundries throughout the United States.

Quality is paramount at CMX. We exclusively use the highest grade of recycled coppers and metals to manufacture CMX Alpha Art Grade ingots. Our 873 Alpha Everdur and 87610 Alpha Art Ingots are shot blasted to be free of surface impurities for a clean, fast melt and pour.  To insure consistency, quality, and purity, CMX art ingots are produced in electric induction furnaces.   Each heat is fully controlled, documented, and traceable in accordance to our ISO 9001:2015 compliance. Finished ingots are hand packed and inspected before we ship to your foundry. We also manufacture for the jewelry industry a variety of mini-ingot alloys, in C997, C873 and C876.everdur silicon bronze ingots

We aim to ship all orders immediately.  No order is too small.  You will find that CMX Alpha Art Grade ingot is competitive, consistent, and is simply the best.  We stand behind our quality and reputation.  When quality counts you can depend on CMX.  Call us today for a quote or fill out our online ingot quote form.

Experience the Quality, Know the Excellence

Art Grade silicon bronze ingots are packaged in a standard pallet weight of approximately 2000 lbs. Full, half, and quarter pallets weights are boxed and steel banded to a pallet. The standard pallet is 28” x 30” upon request they are available in a heat treated style for export use.  No order is too small.  All orders are important.